May Mostafa – Egypt

May Mostafa manages El Genaina for Arts and Culture; an independent Egyptian organization that operates Arab region’s pioneer alternative music stage El Genaina Theater, and runs Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School to serve the children in the Theatre’s neighbouring community. Along her career, May gained extensive experience in artistic curation, marketing and promotion, donor relations and fundraising. An ardent believer in the importance of arts in fostering positive human expression, May’s work revolves around making art accessible. A regular afternoon at El Genaina premises has dozens of children practicing circus tricks and music coming out of every corner. Since 2013, May had participated in a number of events locally, North Africa, Middle East and some European countries, both as a speaker and a jury. In addition to the Regional Spring festival and Cairo International Circus festival, she was among the speakers of WOMEX and Visa for Music’s 4 th edition and the juries of Journées Musicales de Carthage in 2017.