Mamadou Diabate & Percussion Mania

Mamadou Diabate is an award winning balafon master and composer born in Burkina Faso.He is coming from a traditional   “Jeli” family of music making and story telling of the Sambla peoples. He was 5 years old when his professionaleducation began. Explicittechniques allow Mamadou to play balafon solos, which create theimpression, that three balafonists play together.

Since 2001 he has released13 CD ́s. The CD “Keneya” is the world premiere recording of the traditional balafon music of the Sambla people. Today hisunique line up with two balafon upfront as lead instruments characterizes Mamadou Diababte & Percussion Mania. That makes the project the ONLY formation of this kind worldwide, different to all other West African bands. Musical dialogs and spectacular balafon duels between Mamadou and his cousin Yacouba Konate are one of the highlights of the show.