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“The independent musical scene in the Arab region: towards success or towards a breakdown”, in partnership with Al Mawred Al Thaqafy `{`conference in Arabic`}`

Wednesday, November 16, 15h30-17h00

Venue : Goethe Institut

Chaired by: Sarah El Miniawy, Simsara Music PR & Mangement

Speakers: Randa Hamid, SAMA Festival Khartoum

Saima Samoud, Journées musicales de Carthage

May Mostafa, El Genaina (Egypte)

Mahmoud Khateeb, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy

H-name, Moroccan rapper

Othman El Kheloufi, Moroccan musician

Mahmoud Radaideh, leader of JadaL

Alaa Zouiten, Moroccan musician and ethnomusicologist


This panel discussion features cultural managers and festival organizers from various countries in Africa and focuses on the obstacles and solutions facing musicians and organizations in taking Arab music global. The key questions of the discussion are: What are the obstacles for musicians and organization working in the regional music scene? What are the opportunities? What do we need to do to make a market for Arabic music internationally? The panel is also focused on dialogue and debate, with the audience being invited to participate in the discussion with their experiences and audience will be invited to participate in the discussion with the speakers.

“World music in our radios”

Thursday, November 17, 10h-11h30

 Venue : Villa des Arts

Chaired by Francis Gay, head of music at WDR Funkhaus Europa

Speakers: Bastiaan Springer, Dutch journalist specialist of world music

Alioune Diop, journalist for Radio Sénégale Internationale

Zachary Lipez, American freelance journalist

Sasha Gankin, BBC journalist

GiorgosMarkakis, Greek FM 100 Thessaloniki and NRK radio journalist


What is the place of “The Music of The Other”,the one that does not belong to one’s traditional musical landscape? Through presentations of European, African and American radio hosts, this conference will tackle the way“The Music of The Other” is approachedin its various meanings depending on where one’s lives.

“A charter for world music to take stand for cultural diversity”, in partnership with Zone Franche.

Thursday, November 17, 12h-13h30

Venue : Villa des Arts

Chaired by Thomas Laou-Hap, Director of Zone Franche

Speakers: Birgit Ellinghaus, Director of Alba Kultur

Percy Yip Tong, Director of Cyper Produktion, Equation musique professional

Jody Ackland, independent consultant and programmer


Protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions are the goals of the UNESCO conventions of 2003 and 2005. To carry on with those international initiatives, the association Zone Franche, the world music network, and several networks and federations, introduced an international Charter for World Music to promote cultural rights and express our values, against border shutdown, obstacles to artistic mobility and policies based on fear and withdrawal.

This charter aims at unifying the professionals of the industry of World Music under the same principles. The conference will be the occasion to have a discussion about what it contains, what it could involve and what perspectives it opens for action in the future.

Du Maghreb au Machrek avec Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Moyen-Orient/Afrique du Nord) et El Genaina: une introduction aux opportunités de soutien, financement et déplacement pour les artistes et organisation dans le monde arabe.

Thursday, November 17, 16h – 17h30

Venue : Villa des Arts

With May Mostafa, El Genaina (Egyt) and Mahmoud Khateeb, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy


This info session is a collaborative session between Al Mawred Al Thaqafy and El Genaina and focuses on introducing the opportunities offered by both these organizations. Al Mawred Al Thaqafy will highlight the funding opportunities, which include production and travel, and development services it offers artists, cultural managers and cultural organizations. El Genaina will introduce both El Genaina Theatre, including the performance opportunities it offers artists and musicians in one of Africa’s largest cities, and the artist residency opportunities through its Al Darb Al Ahmar Arts School. This is also an interactive session and participants are invited to share their questions and ideas.

“The integration of immigrant or exiled artists in the host cultural area“, in partnership with the Ministry in charge of the Moroccans living abroad.

Friday, November 18, 10h-11h30

 Venue : Institut Cervantes

Chaired by : Rabah Mezouane, journalist and Institut du monde arabe programmer

Speakers: Hannibal Saad, manager and artistic Director of Global Week 4 Syria et Syrian Music Lives

Fahad Bastos, founder and membe rof Africa United

Jah Bongo, member of Jah Bongo & the Zion Rock group

Amani Semaan, Director of Beirut & Beyond festival

Mohamed Doumbia, Administrator of Festival sur le Niger

Christian Adda, Director of the Centre Culturel Africain in Rabat

Mirella Arcidiacono, Refugee Festival Scotland Assistant


Definitely, no one is a prophet in his own country if we think about a few outstanding careers of exiled artists. However, and usually, the road to success is not an easy one for a musician or a singer living far from home: administrative hazards, hardship in reaching a wide audience, struggle with diffusion and promotion…

This conference will try to determine all those parameters and will lean on some artists’ careers.

“Experiences and stakes of artistic mobility in Africa”, in partnership with Afrikayna.

Friday, November 18, 12h-13h30

 Venue : Institut Cervantes

Chaired by Ghita Khaldi, President of Afrikayna, Equation musique professional

Speakers: Didier Awadi, rapper and musician, Studio Sankara, Equation musique professional

Hicham Bahou, Co-Director of L’Boulevard

Mamou Daffé, Director of Festival sur le Niger


How does the artists and cultural operators circulation impact the music market development in Africa ? What current state can we identify from the existing to the brakes operators and artists of the continent meet ? These are the questions that will explore the speakers of this conference, aware of the importance of this issue, essential for the African cultural industries to grow as we expect them to.

“Export: functioning of historical markets, new markets and future prospects“.

Saturday, November 19, 11h-12h30

Venue : Villa des Arts

Chaired by Mounir Kabbaj, director of Ginger Sounds

Speakers: Magali Berardo (Italy), Director of Musicalista

Stefanie Schumann (Germany), Director of Delicious Tunes

Sevi Spanoudi (South Africa), Director of Black Major, Equation musique professional

Emmanuelle de Decker (India), Director of Gatecrash

Jun-Lin Yeoh (Malaysia), Artistic Director in JL Production

Min Kim (South Korea), General Manager of Hwaeom Spiritual Music Ritual and founder of Sonic Islands

Alejandro Orellana (Chile), Director of Womad

Todd Puckhaber (USA), Senior manager at SXSW

Ben Oldfield, Vice-president The Orchard – France, Benelux, West Africa


World music represents a rich and heterogeneous market, differently established according to the location. Through the presentation of European, Asian, American and African markets, this conference will help us understand export opportunities for local music to those markets whether historical and well-known or new and promising.

“Cultural Economy in Africa”, in partnership with Arterial Network `{`conference in French`}`

Saturday, November 19, 15h-16h30

 Lieu : Villa des Arts

Chaired by Monza, artist and producer, Equation musique professional

Speakers: Mamou Daffé, Director of Festival sur le Niger

Jean-Pierre Seck, journalist, editor, producer, founder of the label 45 Scientific

Jean-Rémy Ogoula Latif, cultural entrepreneur, Plateau Jeune Création Libreville


How to support and develop creation in Africa? What are the stakes for the music market in the digital era? Is there a viable solution?How to work in synergy within a network way to increase the efficiency of the cultural economy? Here are the questions the speakers will discuss during thissession in order to bring some concrete elements of thought and action.

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