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Visa For Music


Deeply anchored in the city of lightn, Rabat, held for the African cultural capital, Visa For Music is the first professional platform gathering and federating artists of the music industry of Morocco, the Middle East and Africa. Visa For Music is becoming, and especially for these territories, the atypical and not to miss international market of world music and interprofessional space of music in Morocco for the countries of the South.

 The renown of Rabat and its ambitions on the artistic level are in phase with this large scale event that is also a combination of talents, knowledge and intuition. 

 It’s where we witness an all-out bubbling world, with founding values and identities. But also a pedagogical reflection, especially through the conferences that punctuate and intense the exchange that animate it, and a real desire to give a healthy boost to the music of the world present during the event and regenerate the idea of ​​culture in the plural.

 This fourth edition does not deviate from the rules and still wants to be

crossing bridges and mixing creativity, imagination, beings, images and sounds, each application in its own way and according to its potentialities. Here, we come to enrich each other and make economies of scale, with an opening similar to the world that makes one another in a common space, with the firm desire to boost the cultural vocation of countries some still persist in qualifying as third wolrd coutries.

 You are many, artists, festival directors, cultural actors or simply passionate, to give us the honor of your presence among us and your support.



Director Fonder

Visa For Music

Visa For Music

 Visa For Music (VFM) is the first professional market /festival of Africa and Middle-East musics : it is a new event born in 2013 and organizing its 5th edition in 2018, with about 30 showcases at the center of the project, but also conferences, speed-meetings, workshops and trainings…

 This project was born from a paradox : on the one hand, the lack of visibility for African and Middle-Eastern artists at an international level and, on the other hand, a very important artistic dynamism and musical creation from these musicians. To fight against this problem, Visa For Music has as first goal to highlight the artistic creation of Africa and the Middle-East, first of all regarding the world music and actual music


The six main goals of Visa For Music are:

  • Promote music from Morocco, Africa and the Middle-East to Europe and northern markets
  • Encourage artistic mobility between African countries and the Middle-East
  • Participate in the development of the local cultural sector in these areas
  • Develop the music scene at an international level
  • Contribute to the improvement of the status of artists from southern countries
  • Strengthen the North-South and South-South relationships in the cultural sector

After four edition Visa For Music became one of the essential and major meeting places for professionals of the whole music industry, as a sharing platform for the defense and promotion of the musical sector of African and Middle-Eastern countries, with approximately 3200 professionals assisting to the 185 showcases by the 1093 artists.

Who is VFM aimed to?

As a meeting and sharing platform, Visa For Music is aimed at professionals of the music industry, more specifically:

  • Artists and groups
  • Independent and major labels
  • Producers and broadcasters
  • Publishers and distributors
  • Theaters and festivals
  • Artistic directors, managers, agents, tour organizers

As an international meeting place and new market, Visa For Music also wants to gather all the representatives of the cultural landscape:

  • Professional organizations
  • Media companies
  • Associations, foundations
  • International institutions, public institutions, governments, local authorities
  • Networks
  • Actors of the civil society
  • Public & music lovers