Visa For Music

Visa For Music (VFM) is the first professional market /festival of Africa and Middle-East musics : it is a new event born in 2013 and organizing its 5th edition in 2018, with about 30 showcases at the center of the project, but also conferences, speed-meetings, workshops and trainings…
This project was born from a paradox : on the one hand, the lack of visibility for African and Middle-Eastern artists at an international level and, on the other hand, a very important artistic dynamism and musical creation from these musicians. To fight against this problem, Visa For Music has as first goal to highlight the artistic creation of Africa and the Middle-East, first of all regarding the world music and actual music


«Je tenais à vous féliciter pour l’organisation de ce premier Visa for Music.J’ai vraiment été impressionné»..

Alban Corbier Labasse

Institut Français
Je vous adresse toutes mes félicitations et un énorme merci pour la réalisation de Visa For Music. Pour une première édition et dans le contexte que l’on connait, je trouve que le bilan est franchement positif. Positif parce que les «acheteurs» étrangers étaient présents, de tous les continents, ce qui n’est pas le cas dans les marchés régionaux déjà très installés. Les artistes marocains et invités l’ont (en partie) constaté et je suis certain qu’ils verront les retombées ces prochains mois.

José Kamal

Maroc Festival de Dakhla
We are very grateful to have been invited  and loved everything about
the festival and the great staff ️
Great venues, line up, conferences and participants, besides the
wonderful city of Rabat, the Moroccan spirit and delicious food.

Carolina Vallejo

Sekou Kouyate Manager
After experiencing the 1st and 2nd edition of Visa For Music (I missed
the 3rd one) this 4th edition was of absolute top quality.For a
programmer of a festival that mainly focuses on music from the African
continent, almost all showcases were interesting and relevant. Because
of the small scale it was agreeable and easy to meet the right people.
There were strikingly many groups from sub-Saharan countries and most of
them of very good quality. We have seen and heard a lot of music that is
useful for upcoming editions of the Afrika Festival and we had many
fruitful meetings.

Rob & Hein Lokin

For me, this was already the fourth edition that I attended of the
festival. From the first time I felt that Visa for Music is a very
special event and this feeling has only grown. For me, it’s the place to
be to promote myself as an artist, and to meet other musicians, who move
at the crossroads of African, Amazigh, and Arabic music. This edition I
invited guitarist/ producer Joep Pelt from Amsterdam and I got the
chance to be on stage with the group Tarwa n ‘Tniri from Ouarzazate with
whom I had a successful exchange in the South of Morocco. Visa for Music
has made this possible, and therefore we are also strongly motivated to
go on. To be continued.

Samira Danaan

We have been selected with Kasba to play the Visa for music showcase
festival in Rabat and for us it was a pleasure and honour to perform at
the festival. The organization, technicians and the public gave us a
very warm welcome and they created the perfect environment for us to
excell. For us it was a great oportunity to share our new music and some
older songs with some of the best worldmusic programmers that were at
the festival. We look back at the experience with a feeling of gratitude
and with hope for future concerts for the band.

Grtz Dieter