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47SOUL was set up in spring 2013 by key-players of the actual Palestinian music scene in exile and developed an unique style baded on oriental Dabkeh, local pop emerging from a powerful dance with modern electronic beats… Simple with unifying and engaged texts, an ability to embrace the public in their universe and to make everyone dance. This is the key to the powerfull stage presence of the band. The music they invented is called The Shamstep.

Africa United

This panafrican formation, Africa United, with Moroccan, Ivorian, Congolese and Comoran members, is a formation from Rabat, created in 2006 thanks to the initiative of the comorian Fahad Faisoil. The influences of the band are almost as diverse as it’s members origins, since the inspiration comes from the rich and varied African continent, which allowed the band to create an universal reggae music with appealing texts and themes. They are fans of Bob Marley and Alpha Blondy who don’t hesitate to play some of their idols’ songs during their shows.

Ahaddaf Quartet

Ahaddaf Quartet is a jazz band with musicians from Morocco, Italy, France and US, but based in Amsterdam. The Oud of Mohamed Ahaddaf is accompanied by Matt Adomeit playing double bass, Avi Darash playing piano and Francesco Bongiorno playing drums. With an arabic-andalousian background, Ahaddaf explores all the Jazz possibilities , with latin influences. Powerful melodies, catchy themes and magical soli. He released his third album « Seasons » in September 2016.

Ali Khattab

From his native Egypt and Andalusia in Spain, Ali Khattab transformed his life in a musical journey led by his obsession for Flamenco. At the age of 20 he arrived in Jerez to be taught by great masters of flamenco. Loyal to his roots, he adapts his Spanish voyage to traditions from the Nile and combines arabic musical scales and flamenco to experiment with different composition techniques. He released 2 albums, which had an international success.

Amanar de Kidal

Amanar de Kidal is an heir of Northern Mali modern music, in the Touareg community. Guitars with haunting blues, hypnotic drums and engaged songs, are the key. His first record, « Tikounen » was released in 2015, by the label Koré Sound (Festival sur le Niger). Amanar is a representative of the new touareg generation, who mixes age-old culture and modern sounds.

Amine & Hamza

These two tunisian brothers are masters of Oud and Qanun. They grew up surrounded by traditional arab music and shared a musical complicity so typical to siblings. They learned and developed an affinity for worldwide music diversity and collaborated with musicians from different origins. Today, they present a new project with clarinet, violon, drums and vocals.

Ba Cissoko

Ba Cissoko is, first of all a family story. Guinean griot (=african story teller), educated by his master M’Bady Kouyaté, he arrived in Marseille in 1995 for the Festival Nuit Métis. Enriched by his new encounters, he created a band and released many succesfull albums. Playing kora and singing, he develops his own universe and becomes one of the greatest musical guinean figures abroad. He released his new album « Djeli » in mai 2016 with west-african musiciens from the diaspora.

Bargou 08

In the North-West of Tunisie, between the mountains and the Algerian border, a strong musical tradition is reborn thanks to Bargou 08. The iconic singer Nidhal Yahyaoui and the brilliant producer Sofyann Ben Youssef strenghten this heritage and created a post-traditional rock with psychedelic accents. Gasbah and Zohra, drums and outar, are joined by an analog synthesizer with a strong powerful bass and a 90’ies stoner drummerr. A powerful show that seems unlikely but will psy-trance you for sure !


Hardcore punk-rock music with on texts in Casablanca dialect with cynical humour, Betweenatna is the result of a whim and an old complicity, from the 90ies. Composed by veterans of the moroccan scene, with Abdessamad Bourhim playing the guitar (Nekros, Reborn, Hoba Hoba Spirit…), Said Gamha on bass (Immortal Spirit, Krash Karma…), Oubize singing (Darga, Hoba Hoba Spirit…) and Amine Hamma (Immortal Spirit, Reborn, Haoussa…). Amateurs of big sounds and crazy stage shows will love it. Said Mounna joined them on drums and completes this Moroccan power band who autoproduced dozens of songs. Offbeat, confusing, honoring the punk spirit and the « Do It Yourself » philosophy … They garantee a happy audince at their live shows.

Bongeziwe Mabandla

Bongeziwe Mabandla is a South-african singer. In english or in xhosa, his voice is always magic with its particular afro-folk sound. An acoustic and fresh spirit, with soul, grass-roots and urban vibrations, he reminds us of Tracy Chapman or south-african folk icons, like Simphiwe Dana or Jabu Khanyile. Bongeziwe released one album, played in the best national festivals, received two awards and participated to the program « One Beat », for innovative social musical projects, in the US. He collaborated with Joss Stone and Vieux Farka Touré…

Carlos Lopes

Carlos Lopes (Cape-Verde) is an writer-composer and singer. Starting form the métis rhythms of Batuque and Funana, he also masters songs with sweet and reflective texts all on playful and festive melodies. After wining the Estrella Pop price in Paris, he has been constantly touring. He belongs to this new generation in Cape Verde, that links tradition and modern esthetics.

DJ Gamra

DJ Gamra discovers the Hip-hop culture and break dance in the 90ies. After discovering the codes of these cultures, he creates his own break-band in 2000 and in 2007, he begins his career as DJ, using a lot the turntable since he loves vinyls and old-school technique. He participates to events like national championships or qualification for international contests, what allows him to win experience as a professional DJ and to take part to artistic projects with new influences like Funk, Soul, Groove or Jazz.

Do Moon

Do Moon is a french duo from Reunion Island, composed of CSYZ and FLOWDI, two electro producers, with a passion for house, techno and African traditional songs. Since 2013, Do Moon played on stages of the Indian Ocean Islands and abroad. Multi-skilled and creative, the two friends offer a better vision in the development of afro-house, as the electro african scene becomes more and more important.

Doueh – Cheveu

A beautiful love story happened when Cheveu, a french punk-rock band, and Doueh, the Saharan Hendrix, met. They seem to have nothing in common and but everything to share. During a residency in Dakhla, in January 2016, they recorded an album which sounds marvelously, with hassanies songs, punk energy, and excessive distortions and overdive. A beautiful story to be continued ! Kennenga

Native of Martinique, E;sy Kennenga comes from a family of artists, and was passionate for music at a young age. He began his carreer in the band One Day. Since 2009 he is playing non-stop with his guitar all over the world and released 2 solo albums Ek Trip and Ek Trip 2, and a live album with the same name. His universe is a mix of creole pop, light and pleasant, and Kennenga is one of these interprets switching from singing to rapping with an incredible talent. A musical hope for his native Island.

Fatima Tachtoukt

Fatima Ezzihar, known as Fatima Tachtoukt, was born in 1986 in the province of Achtoken Ait Baha in the deep South. Discoverd at the contest of Radio Plus Agadir for voices with « Ddu tafukt » in 2007, she won over 300 other participants. Specialist of rwayes, a typical regional musical genre, she is accompanied by Afro-Berber magical songs on rebab and guembri with bendir rhythms, mixed with electrical guitar music and drums. Fatima Tachtoukt renews the genre and preserves it with talent and charisma. She’s playing her beautiful music since many years on stages everywhere in the kingdom.

Generation Taragalte

The youth of M’hamid El Ghizlane’s, at the gate of desert in South Morocco, admires the great Saharan and Touareg singers and composers who are conquering the world with their magnificent desert blues. Their passion led to Generation Taragalte, a band created in 2009, at the Festival with the same name. Five musicians, totally self-taught and from nomad families, play a Touareg blues with a local touch, deep poetry, trance-like percussions and Hassani songs. Their texts, following the tradition of their idols, are dealing with the universal themes of peace, tolerance and people communicating through music.


Somewhere between his native Tunisia and Europe, Wael Jegham, AKA Ghoula, wrote his first solo album « Hlib El Ghoula », literally « The Ogress’ Milk » – meaning the things impossible to find in Tunisian dialect. Her refers to old African vinyls used by Ghoula to create an hybrid and rare music. Between electro-hip hop beats, acoustic instruments, scratches and sampled songs from these precious 33 tours, Ghoula’s concert is a overwhelming live experience, with a theatrical component and a magical video background.


Saad or H-name is a rapper from Casablanca. Winner of the ‘Méditel Morocco Music Awards » in 2015, he topped the hitlists in July 2015 with « wach rak nachet », where he reveals his musical universe, mixing afro, latin and moroccan sounds with a happy flow. Very popular at festivals and other stages in Morocco, he also collaborates with artists from the african continent, like Stanley Enow, from Cameroon. He is one of the leading hip hop artists in the Kingdom.

Hicham Telmoudi

Hicham Telmoudi’s violin is our passport across the diversity of Morocco’s regions, their rhythms and their musics. In this marvellous journey, Hicham leads us through Marrakech Daqqa station, Aissaoua, northern Jebliya ou rhythms from Souss and Sahara. Through this discovery, he nurtures a musical love for Morocco. With his latest album Ajinwerikbladi, Hicham Telmoudi keeps travelling and touring South Africa (Cape Town International Jazz Festival). He feel at ease on any stage since Hicham Telmoudi’s language is universal, it is music.


Ibaaku, born in Dakar but from the Casamance, is a multitasker. He’s producing, playing various instruments, writing, composing and animating radioshows. Before going solo, he worked for years with the best of the senegalese hip hop. Ibaaku collaborates often in other cultural and artistic disciplines, from fashion to visual art or video. The main influences for the DJ are hip hop and experimental electro, senegalese rythms and remixed local sounds, as you can hear in his first opus, the magnificent Alien Cartoon. His music has elements of the Beat scene, and its leader Flying Lotus. It also reminds us ofSun Ra, his visual and an intellectual reference for afro-futurism.

Inna Modja

Inna Modja’s third album is a journey through her childhood roots, Salif Keita’s Rail Band and today’s vibrations, intoxicating, lively and irresistible. For this project she worked with talented accomplices such as Stephen Budd, Oxmo Puccino, Cheick Tidane Seck or Krazy Bald Head. In French, English or Bambara, Inna Modja writes and sings meetings, joys and pains. Multiform artist, she produces her own video clips, puts on an act for the Grand Journal Tv-show or in movies, poses for magazines… After the first success of her album French Cancan, Inna Modja keeps on exploring her art. On stage, she is a breath of fresh air, soul and sensuality. Irresistible, without doubt.


Jadal is an icon of Jordanian pop-rock. These enfants terribles from Amman, won the heart of rockers in the Arab world. Created in 2003 by Mahmoud Radaideh, they produce catchy songs dealing with social questions, and claim an « Arabic rock » identity. After releasing 2 albums in 2009 and 2012 and a beautiful tour in the region, they released a new album this summer : « Malyoun ».

Jah Bongo & The Zion Rock

Jah Bongo is a musical meeting between Ivorian and Moroccan musicians, sharing their reggae roots. Once more, a proof of the universality of this music, bringing African people together. Since 2015 and their victory at the contest « L’Boulvart », the band wants to showcase Morocco as a country of diversity and open for the African countries and its citizens. Jah Bongo & The Zion Rock advocates rasta love, a life-saving love for the entire humankind !


Jokko (« to share » in wolof) results from the magical meeting between the two geniusses from modern Moroccan Souss, Foulane Bouhssine (rebab) and Mehdi Nassouli (guembri), the balafon master Aly Keita, Childo Tomas (bass) and Sega Seck (drum). A powerfull band, playing afro-jazz and mixing the different cultures in a relaxed and happy way, around the magical piano of the cuban master.

Karyna Gomes

Karyna Gomes is a singer from Guinea-Bissau, where she was born and grew up listening to traditional music, local urban music and rhythms from around the world. It is one of the most talented Guineans artists today and believes that her musical roots comes from the “convívios do quintal” (backyard gatherings) a mix of societies typical of southern hemisphere tropics, and is influenced by living in three continents – Africa, America and Europe. Member of the legendary Super Mama Djombo, she released her first album « Minder », dedicated to the bravery of Guinean women and produced by Paul Borges, in 2014 by Get!Records.


Kiriss’ voice reminds us of the golden age of rai-chaabi ; a nightingale voice, with a post-80ies spirit. Born in a Maghreb country with porous musical limits, he did his « baptism of fire » on parties and traditional events and their ruthless stages. The boy from guercif has now settled down in Paris, where he works on the international development of his project.


Kyekyeku carries a distinctive Ghanaian sound and image locked between folk and a throbbing urban highlife beat. Kyekyeku is seen as a new generation of young lively Ghanaian musicians who are combining musical traditions from roots Palmwine (a style of Ghanaian folk) Highlife and Afrobeat, performing live in new and exciting sounds. ‘Kyekye’ has collaborated with world-renowned musicians including Peter White, Thais Morel, Mayra Andrade, Blick Bassy, Ebo Taylor, Atongo Zimba, Pat Thomas, etc. After experiencing the Gnaoua Music Festival in Essaouira in 2016, Kyekyeku is performing for the first time in Morocco at Visa for Music this year.


Labelle is an artist from Réunion, unique in what he does. An electro heir of the fonnkèrs tradition, he’s playing a maloya with sophisticated texts on a rich and meaningful music, allowing us to escape in dreams… Labelle is at the crossroad of the indian and african cultural influences of the island and provides us a deep and meditative music, inviting us in a sweat transe… Winner of the 5th edition of the « Prix Musiques de l’Océan Indien », this artist is actually doing the tour granted.


The Algerian Nedjim Bouizzoul is one of the most hyped voice in today’s Algeria. With its band Labess, he invites us for a mediterranean trip, between Rumba Gitan and Chaabi, using his favorite languages : French, Arabic or Spanish. With a deep and broken voice, sounding like an old singer from the mare nostrum, he makes us dream about living together in a common world and overcome our differences. The band began a new adventure in Paris, end of 2014, playing in a dozen of countries and on more than hundred stages, before releasing a new album in April 2016.


 Love’N’Live is a band from Cameroun, with musicians from different regions of the country. This atypical band was formed around multi-instrumentalist Rass Nganmo and started playing in the streets of Yaoundé in 2014. With socially conscious texts and a strong commitment, they give a progressive vision of patrimonial and urban music, like Maghambeu, Bikutsi and Makuné, but they also play Jazz and modern music.


Young revelation from Burkina Faso, winner of the 2016 Visa program from the french institute, Nabalüm just finished a residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, during which she made her first album, named « Saké » (release April 2017). Self-made woman with a great presence, composer with a magical voice, she sings afro-soul songs inspired by great african references of the 20 last years, in mooré, malinké, and french.

Sekouba Bambino

Sekouba Bambino is a veteran of the Guinean music scene. Son of griots, he is spotted by the president thanks to his talent as a singer, and becomes the head of the national orchestra, the Bembeya Jazz. Produced by Sillart Records, he developed a successful solo carreer and became one of the leaders of the project Africando, project of african Salsa. He recorded 13 solo albums between 1990 and 2012, and has become one of the major figures in the Guinean music of the last twenty years.

Super Afro Party

A tribute to the spirit of local dance bars and post-colonial African nightclubs of the 70ies, this is the soul of the show « Super Afro Party ». With a groovy selection of authentic vinyls of the continent, embellished with songs, drums, video mix, DJ Balafon and his team, take you on a space an time travel to discover the continent of rhythms.

Temenik Electric

Temenik Electrik is a french phenomenon with an important Algerian influence, reminding us to Carte de Sejour or to Rachid Taha in his early career. Ambassadors of the Arabian rock, after an internationally endorsed first record, they are releasing « Inch’Allah Baby », produced by the legendary Justin Adam, at the end of 2015. Riffs, electro transe, 2.0. pop universe, this new album is also a tribute to the Algerian background of some of the members with texts in the Algerian dialect and North African rhythms. With the post-rock incantations of the leader Mehdi Haddjieri, an iconic person, we are invited in a kind of transe.

The Dizzy Brains

The Dizzy Brains is the new garage rock phenomenon of the Indian Ocean. Founded in 2011 in Madagascar, the quartet sings everyday stories and are totally rock’n’roll. Facing the absence of perspectives and local injustices, the band cries his rage in a particular relationship to music. Since their show at the transmusicales in Rennes, the band has impressed in France and Europe and plays on alternative stages of the old continent.

Urbain Phileas

Urbain Phileas is on stage since he is 7. Singer, dancer, he created his band 18 years ago with family members. He defends a traditional maloya, powerful and deep, without concessions. The communicative energy of the band, the power of rhythm and the singer’s voices invite us to discover an unique show. Their album « Tsodrano » is another discovery.

Virginia Guantanamera

This Cuban is the granddaughter of Canary Islanders and french West Indians. Graduated at the age of 17 of the National Arts School of Cuba, she became soloist and her magical voice with particular tone, opened many doors on the Island. With a big musical repertoire and a solid experience, Virginia Guantanamera played in the Carribean, Asia, Central America and Europe. Now living in Tenerife, she released a successful album, Entre2Uno, in 2015, which sounds like the melting pot of her life…

Vox Sambou

Vox Sambou, from Limbé in Haïti, is the founder of the Montreal collective « Nomadic Massive », with whom he traveled Canada, went on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, Grand Performances in Los Angeles, Printemps de Bourges in France, and toured the Caribbean and Latin America. Vox Sambou released 3 albums and is a committed artist fighting injustice, social imbalance and inequalities. He mixes of traditional rythms of his native island with latin jazz, afrobeats, reggae and hip hop. He collaborated with The Narcysist and Noam Chomsky for the music video « Articie 14 » and was involved in numerous projects in Haïti to reconstruct the country.


Since 2005, Wachmn’hit are at the top of the reggae-dub scene in Morocco. Seven musiciens who grew up with roots song, who excel in the art of playing reggae in darija, with texts that are engaged and happy, not without cynicism and keeping the malicious and rebelious spirit specific to all one-drop amateurs. The Moroccan vibes are never far with rhythmic references and local melodies which enrich the dynamic sound of this promising band.

Yacine & The Oriental Groove

Yacine & The Oriental Groove presents now Mediterranean Clash its third record. A claim of the 100% Mediterranean sounds. With this last work the Catalan musicians prove they have the most independent and personal vision of the Mediterranean music. The name Mediterranean Clash is a direct reference to the current socio-political situation in Europe. A stunned, disoriented, confused continent, unable to assimilate different but also nearby cultures. Yacine & The Oriental Groove’s music is the example and the best claim of the opportunity that this cultural clash can be. On the stage these musicians throw all their energy. Their shows are explosive, almost electrifying. They transmit truth and authenticity. They don’t lie but be careful, they’re addictive.

Othman El Kheloufi

With his voice and saxophone, Othman El Kheloufi breathes a new tune from Morocco. Curious, trying new things and refusing etiquettes, this native artist of Salé shared the stage with great renown artists like Ibrahim Maalouf, Karim Ziad, Omri Mor, Arturo Sandova. He recaptures the saxophone to give birth to a new language: the Jazz Beldi. Live-lover, this man of theater, with his colorful shirts, plays an exploding Moroccan music on stage to create with his public an incredible mix, joyful and festive, with jazz and world music songs, as modern Morocco should be.

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