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What is VFM?

Who is VFM aimed to?




The success of the third edition of Visa For Music, in November 2016 illustrated the growth of this event on the international stage. It became an indispensable international marketplace for World and New Music of these regions, but also a professional platform for the music industry in Morocco and countries of the South.

Visa For Music confirmed its position as the essential meeting place for professionals in the music industry at large, a meeting taking place each year in Rabat, the « City of Light », dealing as THE african cultural city. Allowing the meeting of artists and professionals of the musical sector, Visa For Music gathers and organizes the social, institutional and economical forces around important themes for the development of the region.  

Moreover, Visa For Music is a showplace for the african musical identity and gives a good opportunity for artists of the continent to be known by professionals from all around the world through meetings and showcases.

The quality of the programming is the key factor of the success ;  balancing guest artists of international renown, emerging artists with high potential, and the promotion of modern Moroccan music, building strong and clear identities for each sector.

The organisation of the event in Morocco, gate to the African continent and to the Middle-East, allows to take advantage of the national cultural and musical landscape and also to offer a visibility over the rest of the region. Morocco stands out among lots of big festivals and the success of local artists with an international career.

Furthermore, the cultural and touristic reputation and attractiveness of the capital city, within three hours from major European cities, and its welcoming capacity, helps the highlighting of this musical meeting, year after year.

Last but not least, this event is not limited to the musical landscape, since connections were established with a number of industries that are impacted by music, including the film industry and the advertising sector.
Hope to see you there.

Visa For Music

Visa For Music (VFM) is the first professional market of Africa and Middle-East musics : it is a new event born in 2013 and organizing its 4th edition in 2017, with 30 showcases at the center of the project, but also conferences, documentary projections, speed-meetings, workshops and trainings…

This project was born from a paradox : on the one hand, the lack of visibility for African and Middle-Eastern artists at an international level and, on the other hand, a very important artistic dynamism and musical creation from these musicians. To fight against this problem, Visa For Music has as first goal to highlight the artistic creation of Africa and the Middle-East, first of all regarding the world music and actual music

The six main goals of Visa For Music are:

  • Promote music from Morocco, Africa and the Middle-East to Europe and northern markets
  • Encourage artistic mobility between African countries and the Middle-East
  • Participate in the development of the local cultural sector in these areas
  • Develop the music scene at an international level
  • Contribute to the improvement of the status of artists from southern countries
  • Strengthen the North-South and South-South relationships in the cultural sector

After three edition Visa For Music became one of the essential and major meeting places for professionals of the whole music industry, as a sharing platform for the defense and promotion of the musical sector of African and Middle-Eastern countries, with approximately 3200 professionals assisting to the 123 showcases by the 693 artists.

As a meeting and sharing platform, Visa For Music is aimed at professionals of the music industry, more specifically :

  • – Artists and groups
  • – Independent and major labels
  •  -Producers and broadcasters
  • – Publishers and distributors
  • – Theaters and festivals
  • -Artistic directors, managers, agents, tour organizers

As an international meeting place and new market, Visa For Music also wants to gather all the representatives of the cultural landscape:

  •  Professional organizations
  •  Media companies
  •  Associations, foundations
  •  International institutions, public institutions, governments, local authorities
  •  Networks
  •  Actors of the civil society


Every year, a jury composed by experts who are representing different musical esthetics of all the geographical regions, takes part to Visa For Music. To ensure a diversity in the selection of the artists programmed for Visa For Music, the members come from diverse horizons.

They were members of the jury of Visa For Music :

  • Bernard Aubert, artistic director of Babel Med Music and Fiesta des Suds, Bernard Aubert works for cultural diversity and musical exploration.
  • Didier Awadi, artist and businessman, he is artistic productor, film-maker and director of the Studio Sankara.
  • Jose Da Silva, creator of the label Lusafrica and director-founder of Kriol Jazz Festival since 2008.
  • Habib Dechraoui, director of Festival Arabesques.
  • Patrick De Groote, director and programator of Festival Sfinks Mixed and Zomer Van Antwerpen in Belgium, he is also coordinator of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals gathering around fifty festival directors from all around the world.
  • Billy Domingo is one of the founder of the biggest musical event of Africa, the Cape Town international Jazz Festival.
  • Amadou Fall Ba is a young senegalese cultural-operator : co-founder of the cultural association Africulturban, director of Festa2H (international festival of Hip Hop and urbain cultures).
  • Lilian Goldstein, responsible of actual music for the cultural action of the SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique / Society of Authors, Composers and Editors of Music).
  • Faisal Kiwewa, director and fonder of the Fondation Culturelle Bayimba, artistic director of the Festival International de Bayimba, director of programmes of DOADOA – Le Marché des Arts Vivants d’Afrique de l’Est, and co-director of the Festival International de Théâtre de Kampala in Ouganda.
  • Huguette Malamba, specialist for the programmes of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie where she is in charge of monitoring and development of cooperation actions linked to performing arts, visual arts and fashion.
  • Rabah Mezouane, programmer at the Arab World Institute and lecturer.
  • Racha Salah, executive director at Dar El-Nimer for Arts & Culture. Lately in charge of subventions, she used to supervise the operations of the music sector for AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture).
  • Saima Samoud is director of the department of Music and Danse at the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia.
  • Amani Semaan co-founded and leaded Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival.
  • Valérie Thfoin, in charge of Musiques for the program « Africa and Caribean in creations» of the French Institute.

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